Frequently Asked Questions 

What is TrackBasic? 

TrackBasic is a self-service travel tracker that allows you to track your travels across the globe. It combines features like tax and immigration monitoring and travel security 

Why do I need TrackBasic? 

TrackBasic will help your organization maintain compliance and duty of care within your population of cross-border business travelers, while removing the burden of travel-related record keeping and allowing your employees to focus on their jobs. 

How is it different?  

TrackBasic is the only self-service travel tracking solution in the market today. It is also the most advanced travel tracking service powered by Voyage Manager - an industry leader in travel tracking 

How does TrackBasic Work? 

We like to call it magic! Book your tripadd it and TrackBasic does the rest.  

TrackBasic monitors the number of days you spend in the country, ensures your security during travel, and gives you a place to store all your travel documents.  

What is the difference between TrackBasic, TrackPlus, and TrackPro? 

TrackBasic gives you essential features from tax and immigration and travel securityTrackPlus offers you additional features over the ones you get with TrackBasic and is our most popular version. TrackPro packs in all the bells and whistles - our top of the line version. Find out more here.  

Can I create a custom package with certain features? 

Unfortunately, no. A user can select one of the three options provided here. However, if you want a custom or enterprise solution, contact Voyage Manager 

How much does TrackBasic cost? 

You have 3 options 

TrackBasic is the entry level solution and costs $2.99/month per user or $29.99/year per user. 

TrackPlus is the mid level solution and the most popular option. It costs $9.99/month per user or  $99.99/year per user. 

TrackPro is our top version that includes all of our services. TrackPro costs $14.99/month per user or $149.99/year per user. 

Find out more here.

Is the billing done on a monthly or yearly basis? 

Billing can be done monthly or annuallyThe annual options is better value for money. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package? 

Yes you can 

Can I pause the services for a particular month? 

Yes, you can. We store your data for a period of 12 months if you account is paused. Post that your data will be deleted.  

I have travel data stored in a text file or Excel spreadsheetCan I import this data into my account? 

Yes, you do can add old data, but it will have to be done manually. TrackBasic is not in anyway responsible for the accuracy of the data. Any historical data you add will be used by TrackBasic for tax monitoring and data analytics 

Are there any discounts for purchasing multiple users? 

Yes, if you intend on using the service for more than 25 users, please reach out to us for a special price. 

How can I manage all my employees from the same place? 

TrackBasic lets you add multiple users to a single account. So you can manage all your employees from that same account. Its really that simple! 

Can I select separate billing packages for each of my employees? 

Unfortunately, no. We are working on this feature and will inform you when this becomes possible.  

How many travelers can I add onto my account? 

There is no limit to the number of travelers you can add to your account. However, if you exceed 50 travelers we suggest you reach out to us at Voyage Manager for an enterprise solution that can be tailored to your needs. 

What happens when I remove a traveler from the account? 

Once a traveler is removed from your account the traveler's data is deleted  

Can the traveler be added back onto the account? 

Yes, the traveler would be added as a new userThe traveler's data will have to be added again. 

What information does TrackBasic collect? 

Read more on our privacy policy page. 

What is the information collected used for? 

Read more on our privacy policy page. 

Will my travel information be shared online? 

Read more on our privacy policy page. 

Who all will have access to my information? 

Read more on our privacy policy page. 

If you have other questions please feel free to write in to us at and we will get back to you within a 24 hour period.