Managing the Boss: Keeping a track of your boss and his travels 

Does it get cumbersome to keep a track of every country your boss has visited because he needs it for tax purposes? Are you in charge of keeping count of the number of days he spends in each country? Well, you are not alone. 

An aspect of managing travel that most PA's find exhausting is keeping a record of all flights taken, countries visited, and number of days spent in each country for tax purposes. Keeping track of every trip your boss makes can become a hassle but it has to be done right.  

Tax residency rules vary from one country to the next and in the case of the U.S. every state has different tax rules. For individuals, physical presence in a jurisdiction is the main factor. This is a big concern for frequent travelers, and if your boss is amongst those who travel a lot each year, maintaining data on his travel is of great value to him and the company 


Using out services at TrackBasic can make things really straightforward. Our system lets you upload trip details or import it from TripitWorldmate, and GDS service provides and then keeps a track of the number of days spent in each country linked with the tax rules of those countries. You have the ability  to set thresholds on the number of days and we send you notifications with warnings when those thresholds are near. All the data is stored forever and can be simply downloaded with a click of a button. Our range of products offer you three options, but if you want a personalized service and a representative, reach out to us - we can make a package tailored to your needs. 

You could do all of this manually using complicated sheets and unlinked tax rules. But no matter which method you use, be it manual or using TrackBasicit is important that it is done right.