What do you get?

Tax In trackbasic

Companies face global and national tax compliance tracking and reporting obligations. TrackBasic combines elements from our security and tax modules to give you a versatile product that can be used for a multitude of purposes. 

The tax and immigration tools embedded within the product provide you with essential information on how long employees are in a country and whether they are tax residents in that country. This data is linked with the tax rules of the countries saving a great deal of hassle for you and your compliance staff. 

The system allows you to set thresholds for the number of days you want to limit your stay in each country and warms you and your compliance staff when the thresholds are close to being breached, ensuring action is taken in time.

Using a combination of itinerary, GPS and mobile network data, as well as manually input data TrackBasic is able to create an accurate picture of the company's travel related tax exposure, while providing easily interpretable reports for government immigration inspections.

Immigration in TrackBasic

TrackBasic monitors your passport and visas to ensure that you do not have any travel issues during your trip with the help of documents stored in the Travel Vault. When traveling internationally TrackBasic informs you of the visa requirements if any, and directs you to services that can assist you in getting the same.

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