What are the tax implications of travel?

Travellers who spend significant amounts of time abroad risk becoming tax residents in the countries they visit. Most countries have their own definition of residency, although many countries consider the limit to be around 180 days. Depending on these definitions, you may automatically be considered a resident for tax purposes.

Knowing, and being able to document, how many days you have spent in a country is therefore essential for certain frequent travellers. Spending too many days in any one country may lead to tax and social security obligations in multiple countries. 

Travellers and employers can save significant amounts of money by monitoring the amount of time travellers spend within a country.


TrackBasic has the most advanced travel and location tracking solution on the market. Our systems can generate detailed reports on how many days were spent in any country over a period of time. This can help both travellers and employers, as well any auditors that need access to the data.