What Do You Get?

Security in TrackBasic

Meeting your duty of care obligations during business travel is an important concern for most businesses. TrackBasic combines elements from our security and tax modules to give you a versatile product that can be used for a multitude of purposes. 

TrackBasic offers a fully automated travel tracking and security management system that uses a combination of active and passive tracking and helps you monitor trip progress and track your travellers through every leg of their journey. 

Data from over 150 news, government and global sources is collected and travellers are given real time alerts 24 hours a day. These alerts reach out to affected travellers and their managers and can be accessed separately in the alert library.

Travellers are provided with a country profile before their trips with details that are important for the traveller to know before visiting the country.

Compliance in TrackBasic

Booking individual travel has become commonplace in the workplace. However, this phenomenon brings with it compliance issues that become difficult to track. TrackBasic helps you ensure your travellers are compliant with your company's travel policies. 

The compliance feature in TrackBasic manages policy rules and notifies administrators when there is a compliance breach. This also extends to managing pre trip travel risk assessments and approvals.

Pulse in TrackBasic

Knowing that your travellers are ok is important. TrackBasic checks that you are OK on a daily basis through an automated response request process. This service prompts travellers to check in periodically to confirm their safety thereby providing a sign of life. 

Get the Security Your Travellers Need.