Understanding Duty of Care for Universities 

As a university do you understand your duty of care obligations when it comes to your international officer's travel? Do your students travel to different countries for their assignments and research work? Do your professors take long sabbaticals in other countries? If your answer to any of the questions is a 'yes', then read ahead to understand your responsibilities as an organisation.  

International travel has never been as easy as it is now. The airline industry and internet have been instrumental in making the world a much smaller place.  

Universities, especially those based in the U.K., U.S., and Australia attract students from across the globe. Recruiters from the universities travel nationally or internationally to interact with potential students at fairs and informational exchanges.  As a university you must fulfil the duty of care responsibilities towards your travellers irrespective of how near, far, or remote these trips may be.  

What is Duty of Care 

Employers have a duty of care to their employees, which means they should do everything that is reasonably possible to ensure their health, safety, and wellbeing. No matter what sector or size of the organization, this is valid to everyone including universities.  

How does it apply? 

Recruiters travel across the world and while getting them insured is one part of the equation, to track them during their travel is also essential. Travel tracking lets you track your people through every step of their journey right from the moment they leave their homes until they return at the end of their trip.  

The same applies to students where the stakes can be much higher. It is not uncommon for students to travel to high risk countries for their assignments and research work and if they were to come in harms way it could not only become a legal issue for the university but also damage its reputation. Student travel tracking keeps the students whereabouts known at all times so action can be taken incase of any emergencies.  

Is safety the only concern? 

Sabbaticals have become common amongst professors and students alike. Living in different countries can put the traveler at the risk of becoming a tax resident in those countries. While the common understanding is the 183 day rule, many countries differ in their tax rules and it is important to know your tax liabilities during travel.   

So what should you do? 

Get TrackBasic! TrackBasic is a self-service travel tracking product that can help you track your students and staff across the globe. Our travel tracker is the first and only active and automated travel tracker on the market. Active tracking gives you the ability to know where your travellers are not just where they should be.